I have represented Lu Celania Sierra™ as her model agent for over 15 years. I have always found her to be dependable, hard working and professional.She has terrific energy and is always pleasant and cheerful in addition to being punctual and well prepared. She has many outside interests that she pursues with as much enthusiasm as she does her modeling career, whether it be cooking, or acting, or comedy. She is always a pleasure to be around and I am proud and happy to have been her agent all these years. I can recommend her highly and can truly say that anybody would be lucky to work with her


It has not only been an honor but a pleasure to have had my daughter mentored by Lu. Her knowledge and experience in public speaking is an asset to any young woman’s resume. Lu has a special ability to build confidence in an enjoyable manor. What may begin as a mentoring session builds into a lasting friendship. I highly recommend Lu to any young woman.

Dorothy kasten

Words cannot express my gratitude for your continued work in helping my daughter Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA 2010 in perfecting her walk, poise and presence. Kamie continues to shine and looks forward to her sessions with you. Your professionalism, warm personality, and passion for your work is such a blessing. It has been a pleasure working with you. You are so fabulous! Thank you.

Carla Crawford

We have hired Lu Celania SierraTM as a model for runway, catalog, and showroom from 1989 til present. She has been our muse and source of inspiration throughout the years. She is dependable, punctual, and professional. On the catwalk or in front of a camera, Lu’s presence precedes her. She is a joy to work with and pleasure to behold.

Tristano Onofri Creative Director

Lu Celania Sierra™ is the most creative runway model that i have ever worked with. She can take on anyone and everyone’s persona, such as Josephine baker, Dorothy Dandridge, and Marlina Detrick to name a few. It was a joy to work with her and a joy being with her. Over the past 20 years she has become a daughter to me as well as a dear friend. Her sense of humor and talents vary from stand-up comedian, a down home cook, actress, runway model and spokesperson. Lu Celania is a woman who kees her word and not only is she dependable but responsible. She is a woman with chameleon elegance, and she canexude whatever is needed of her. We love her !!!

Audry Smaltz CEO and Founder

Thank you so much for all the help you gave Natalie as she was preparing to compete for Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen. She had competed for that title twice before but had never been able to even place. We knew we were missing something. Natalie had always worn beautiful dresses but had never won in the evening gown category. After she met and trained with you she was able to walk beautifully and present herself to the judges with confidence and grace. Natalie went on to win both the evening gown and interview category that night and take home the crown as Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen 2011.

We look forward to working with you as we prepare Natalie to go to Orlando in August and compete for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. Thank you again for all your help. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Liz Ragazzo

On behalf of the staff and students from Prep for Success we are thankful for your time, energy, expertise, and wisdom. Prep for Success is a professional development program created for teenagers who are at risk of not graduating on time and/or at a greater risk of not seeking higher education. As the director, one of my many goals is to prepare these youth for the competitive world by hearing from professionals like yourself. Your participation in our 3rd Annual Professional Network Dinner was greatly appreciated and made it a memorable event for our students. Your dynamic speaking style kept our youth engaged and interested, which is no small feat. You have an ability to present your experiences in a way that is accessible to anyone under the sound of your voice. Your story made becoming a model an attainable for the students who aspire to be a part of that world and cleared an avenue for those young people as well, since their images aren’t widely reflected in main stream media. Your honesty and candor also provided a needed reality check and helped our students to not be single tracked in their career aspirations; not to be discouraged the first, second or third time someone tells them no; and to open their minds to all of their potential. We wish continued success in all of your endeavors and hope to work with you again in the future.

Maryum Delves-Opa Director of Prep for Success
Appreciation and Thank Yous